Studies in Australia

     We work with the main Institutes of Education and provide advice to students who wish to obtain higher Education and professional training in Australia

Scholarship in Australia

The Australian Government has announced a sum of $ 118.9 million over four years for the Endeavour leadership program

Transnational Agreements

 It is the relationship and the commitment between the two Institutions to enrich the learning experiences and the skills of the staff and students of both institutions

Torrens University

Valid for application into 2020 intakes only

Why MeeSolutions?

 Was established in 2011. Our goal is to work with Educational Institutions and provide effective counseling to students who wish to obtain vocational and higher education in Australia, also another goal is to promote Australia as a destination for International students. We also support students who are in Australian and wish to continue studying after having completed a study.

Meesolutions Registered

Meesolutions is registeres in the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs of SA. and supervised by ASIC that is registered in SA. Meesolutions knows well the services of education for foreign students, the law 2000 and the obligations of the providers with respect to the requirements that is required. Our values are honesty, good communication and good service to students.

The Institutions that  Meesolutions Represent

University Courses

 The higher Education courses that can be obtained are the following Degree, Master and Doctorate


Vocational Courses

The higher Education courses that can be obtained are the following Degree, Master and Doctorate

English course

When you study English in Australia you will get a great variety of life sills that you can not get at home  invaluable skills such as solving problems which will lead various teams of people to apply your English to real situation. 

Scholarship in Australia

$200,000.00 a year the Australian government is investing in scholarship for international students.

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